Rios Landscaping Services of Connecticut

Landscaping & Planting

Effective Design

Landscape Design Services - Stamford, CT

Climatic factors will affect the design and program of your landscape needs. Such aspects as sunlight, soil type, land level will determine unique design for your landscape and lawn.

Decorative Features

Decorative Landscape Planting - Stamford, CT

Successfully designed decorative planting bed can add beauty and color all year round to your surroundings. In combination with rock trimming and edging decorative planting can make area much more appealing.

Trees and Shrubs

Tree and Shrub Planting Services - Stamford, CT

Trees and shrubs can enhance your landscape whether for beauty, privacy or simply for extra color in your landscape. We provide all varieties of trees, deciduous or evergreen, big or small.

Irrigation is a must!

Irrigation Services - Stamford, CT

The signs of dehydrated lawn are purple-blue wilting leaves, footprints that stay and folder or rolled leaves. Once you determine your lawn needs irrigation, supply enough water to last a week. Contact us to design a proper watering system for new or existing lawns.