Rios Landscaping Services of Connecticut

Property Maintenance

Latest Lawn Tips

  1. Aerate your lawn
  2. Fertilize to deliver nutrients
  3. Seed bold spots
  4. Irrigate for healthy look
  5. Clean debris and leaves to give access to light

Maintenance & Care All-Year-Round Calendar

If you want to turn your home into your own piece of paradise, you can use our Maintenance & Care Calendar to remind you of the tasks that need to be performed.


  1. Complete pruning before new growth begins Seasonal Cleaning Up Services
  2. Schedule Spring clean-up
  3. Replace old mulch with new for the upcoming season
  4. Arrange your Spring fertilization
  5. Re-seed your lawn
  6. Complete feature tree maintenance
  7. Perform Spring bulb planting and transplanting


  1. Start regular lawn maintenance Summer Maintenance Services
  2. Arrange sprinkler installation
  3. Plan decorative and protective stonework
  4. Discuss exterior house maintenance
  5. Order tree, shrub and perennial for Fall planting


  1. Schedule Fall clean-up Fall Cleanup Services
  2. Aerate and seed bare spots in lawn
  3. Arrange Fall fertilization and tree service
  4. Prepare for Fall decorative planting
  5. Plant and transplant shrubs
  6. Mulch evergreens before freeze
  7. Apply winterizer for thick healthy lawn next season
  8. Schedule fall gutter cleaning


  1. Protect perennials Winter Cleanup and Maintenance Services
  2. Remove dead and damaged tree limbs
  3. Remove heavy snow from shrubs and trees
  4. Discuss and plan interior house work

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